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Ethereum Android
Mobile Portal to Ethereum

With Ethereum Android you can interact with Ethereum based Blockchains from your Android device.

The app itself is a fully functional Ethereum Wallet optimized for Android with similar functionality to the well known Mist Browser:

✔ sign transactions
✔ query the Blockchain
✔ interact with Smart Contracts

We offer users the possibility to easily set up their own Node of an Ethereum Blockchain on their own infrastructure and connect Ethereum Android to it. As such we support every type of Ethereum based Blockchain, e.g.:

✔ Homestead
✔ Ethereum Classic
✔ Proof-of-Authority Chains

Beyond that Ethereum Android offers developers a toolbox to interact with the Blockchain.

We provide a library so that developers can securely access the low-level API of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. On top of that we provide an abstraction layer to interact with Smart Contracts easily.
HORIZONTAL (Industry agnostic)
Not funded yet
Jan Petendi